2014 Time to Shine!

2014 is been deemed the "Time to Shine." We are in the process of completely re-branding Cowboy Comb. We at Cowboy Comb feel we were  simply needing a change. This week we redesigned all of our packaging and launched an amazing store on the Shopify platform. Stay tuned for the new packaging as well as a new gift set we are going to launch.

We get a very large number of orders and up until now weren't equipped with the right tools to fulfill our orders efficiently. I'm happy to say I think we finally got it handled with Shopify and a few shipping apps. This will allow us to get our orders out faster and be able to spend more time on customer service and supporting the businesses that carry our products.

2014 is a very ambitious year for us. We are constantly finding new retailers and establishing great working relationships with them. Europe has really stepped up as well and Australia, China, and Japan. There are a lot of amazing stores and boutiques popping up all over the world. The craft of barbering is on the rise as well, as it should be. People are paying attention to their communities and supporting small local businesses more. We are very excited to take this year on and we have all of our systems in place to accomplish our goals. This is a great time be alive. Make 2014 your "Time to Shine" too.


-Chad Nelson

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