Get Out And Grow

When Cowboy Comb was created in 2011 our motto started with "Behind Every Great Mustache Is A Man".  Not long after we were going international and we needed something to truly emulate our American brand.  So the slogan "Cowboy Wild Cowboy Styled" was created. This being our third year in the biz of bearding and grooming we want to push ourselves, our company and also YOU to greatness.  2014 is the time to go for gusto, so now we say "GET OUT AND GROW".  Meaning: live life to its fullest and make moves.  For one to truly get the most out of this life and your look you must experience it.  In some ways we are being literal.   As-in, go outside, get some sun on those whiskers and breath some fresh air.  But truly getting the most out of you and your day is what this campaign is all about.  I personally love the mountains.  I camp, I climb, I seek out outdoor adventures as much as physically possible.  Being a mountain man, computers really are not my thing (thank god for my business partner).  To know your weakness is a strength.  I know when I go outside to pursue my loves of nature I must make sure that the inside stuff is handled.  Some may be completely opposite and find it hard to leave the computer or t.v.  To those I say GET OUT AND GROW.  As a marine I learned that all the hard work pays off when you are able to enjoy it, but don't stop until your goals are achieved.  Enjoy life to the fullest and you will grow like never before.  I haven't done the studies but I am willing to put my beard on the fact that a face outside in the elements will grow faster and stronger than that of an insider.  Examples, John Muir, Grizzly Adams, Me.  During this campaign I urge you to show those whiskers and/or Cowboy Combs via social media to promote well being and the bearding scene.  Please hashtag #getoutandgrow to show that you too are on a path of greatness.  To all those that get out and grow, Giddy Up! 

-Chad Nelson

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