A Century Without A Whisker

Not since William Taft 1909-1913 has our nation seen a leader with facial hair.  Facial hair once meant that you were a man.  Cut and short I know, but that is found in cultures throughout time.  Puberty in a boy's life is the doorway to becoming a man. With the sprouting of face and body hair one steps onto the path of manhood.  The girth and strength of one's bearding ability also meant a lot about one's physical strength, fertility and wisdom.  The longer the beard the more wise you were.  Long beard meant long life which in turn leads one to believe they have seen and done a lot.  That may be true but there is always a catch and that is what can happen in a society.  A negative view labeled to a group or style and that style is now looked down upon.  The 60's brought us a time of rebellion and free thinking.  The people known as hippies spoke out with an open minded view and wanted to have more say in our country.   The "leaders" in that time didn't want a free thinking society because open minds see what is wrong around them.  They also will not tolerate leaders that do not love and support it's people.  The persons in power put a negative label on what was to become a revolution.  Propaganda created a hate towards hippies and the way they looked.  Hate the ones with the long hair and "unclean" faces was preached to Americans of all ages.  I understand how it happened in America.  It was an incredibly fragile time in our history but it kills me to think of the why.  A person's look or style should not defy a nation.  The beard found its first commander and chief in 1861.  Abraham Lincoln led the way in style and ideologies for a nation on the rise.  It will take a great person to set it all right again so that even our president can feel free enough to grow a beard.  So when will our society let go of image when image is everything in our society. The beard and mustache has made an incredible come back in our culture.  Brian and I were stopped everyday all day when we were rocking our handlebar mustaches in 2011.  Now I see it everywhere I go.  It's not cRaZy to have one any more.  What about our leaders?  When will they be free to enjoy the freedom of style?  Style is freedom.  This is America, land of the free, home of the brave.  Be brave, be free,  be.

-Chad Nelson

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