Times they are a changin'

September.  If you are a Virgo like me then you get excited for this month more than most.  I personally love it because of so many more reasons than my birthday that resides in it.  The NFL kicks off and I get to cheer for my green and gold Packers on sacred Sundays.   Cooler temps arise with the leaves falling into the breeze.  The scene of life itself seems to chill out and becomes more calm.  I am turning 35 years old this month.  It shows.  My beard has a salt and pepper look that it had never been before.  The beard I grew when Cowboy Comb first started looked like a grizzly bear with colors of browns, reds and blacks.  Youthful non the less.  This year I posted an Instagram pic of my new beard stating the grey and whites are a sign of being distinguished.  Aged like fine wine.  Or the sign of dominance or command like a silver back gorilla.  I do feel that this is true.  Life has many more challenges and commitments as I grow more "distinguished" aka grey.  My concerns are more real than ever.  My body needs more time to heal.  My diet needs to be evaluated and regulated to stay fit.  A bottle of whiskey can put me down for a week versus days.  Hahaha!  Funny but true.  But as we get older we do become more wise.  The wiser we become the longer we live.  The stronger we become over all.  With this wisdom I also make sure to be a kid at heart.  Humility is something everyone should come accustomed to.  Laugh off what would once make you embarrassed.  Feel free to express your down falls.  Know that everyone has them and judgement should not concern you.  That grey in your beard is a positive.  Another grey means more time being alive. For me this month will be a month of self awareness to being happy.  As September brings a cooler calming life so should one's perspective on where and what you are.  Be chill.  Be calm.  Be...


-Chad Nelson

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