Movember 2014

This Movember was the most successful campaign we as a team have ever done.  As team captain my goal was to draft a team that would be tenacious in raise awareness and funds for the people of this world.  I am very proud to say that Team Cowboy Comb raised $1,240 this year.  With 15 teammates we raised more funds than ever before.  Thanks to Ryan Huffman, Annette Fischer, Ben Johnston, Micheal Zickefoose, Josh Bowden, Travis Pollok, Ryan B,  Dr. Glenn Barney, Brandon Bowman, Keith Cross, Barry Jones, Robert Haslam, Gary and Brian Lee.  Thank you all for dedicating one month to raising awareness for men's health.  

Cowboy Comb also sponsored the Sacramento Moustache Run for the second year in a row.  They made Cowboy Comb the official mustache comb for that race!  Bucket List check.  The Sacramento Moustache Run is an important one for us because the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. 

The month of "Movember" is a very special and important month to Cowboy Comb.  It has become the month to do what you can for others.  It is how we should be every month. 



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