Beards Evolving Man

Beards are in.  Seriously, if you didn't notice the influx of bearded models you may need to groom those whiskers away from your eyes.  Commercials that have nothing to do with men or beards have exactly that.  Along with products like fake beard snowboarding masks or posters of half naked women stating that they "love beards", the scene is thick and hairy.  No more beatnik or hobo comments from the clean shaven.  In fact, the opposite has occurred making fun of the clean shaven as"baby faced" or wimpy boys.  Media has accepted the "old" new look into mainstream.  It's everywhere like it's Mobro the mustache has been for years.  Is that good?  Yes and No.  When you see mustaches on literally everything it tends to ruin it's majesty.  Like radio does music.  On the other hand, Hell yes!  Men's grooming is at an all time high. The majority of men growing beards and mustaches has multiplied and they care about the health side of their look.  Using products that benefit their beards and mustaches is apart of the life style now.  That alone shows the evolution of man and man in culture.  Beard and mustache combs, waxes, oils and conditioners exist now.  They exist because they are a must in the modern day men's grooming arsenal.  Don't ever give up on your own style .  Individuality is freedom.  Be free.  Be. 

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