Big Beard Comb

Vikings, Lumberjacks, Wizards have all been synonymous with big beards.  In today's modern age male models and hipsters alike have taken this trend and made it a sexy sought after look.  The original Cowboy Comb can groom any length mustache and handles shorter beards with ease but once a certain length is achieved it can take longer and be more difficult.  The Big Beard Comb is that next level grooming tool.  It is designed to handle any length, girth or curliness of beard.  The design musts for perfect function are tooth shape, tooth length and tooth gap width.  Also a polished finish is key for a smooth comb through.  The Big Beard Comb was designed with these must haves.  It is highly polished 100% real horn.  Horn is durable, strong and unique which means every Big Beard Comb is one of a kind.  Owning one is truly owning a piece of art.  A piece of art that fits your pocket.                                           

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