Angela and Brian were measuring the length of each side of the same box, in order to find its volume. They both measured the sides to be 7.2, 3.5, and 8.7. Angela, to avoid mistakes in rounding, first found the volume and then rounded to the nearest whole number. Brian, on the other hand, decided to take the easy route and rounded the length of the sides to the nearest integers and then found the volume using the rounded lengths. What was the positive difference between Angela's and Brian's rounded volumes? (Note: The volume of a box is defined to be the product of its three sides.)

Accepted Solution

Answer:33Step-by-step explanation:Using Angela's method, we first multiply, then round.V = (7.2)(3.5)(8.7)V = 219.24V β‰ˆ 219Using Brian's method, we first round, then multiply.V = (7.2)(3.5)(8.7)V β‰ˆ (7)(4)(9)V β‰ˆ 252The positive difference between their answers is:252 βˆ’ 219 = 33