Emma was given 5 seashells. Each week she collected 3 more. Let w be the number of weeks Emma collects seashells and s be the number of seashells she has total. Which variable is independent, and which is dependent? Write an equation to model the relationship, and make a table to show how many seashells she has from week 4 to week 10.

Accepted Solution

Answer:s=5+3w independent variable is 5+3w. Dependent variable is s, since the total depends on the amount of weeks plus the 5 seashells from the start. s=5+4(3)=17 s=5+5(3)=20 s=5+6(3)=23 s=5+7(3)=26 s=5+8(3)=29 s=5+9(3)=32 s=5+10(3)=35Step-by-step explanation: