About Cowboy Comb

Once upon a time on the Wild West Coast, two young gents by the names of Brian Lee and Chad H. Nelson found themselves disgruntled as they struggled to find a delicate way to tame their wild mustaches. They pondered on different tools that would groom their upper lip blankets just right. Sure there were hair brushes, toothbrushes, even eyebrow combs, but to use any of those on the masterpiece that defines the face? They knew better than to kick a cow patty on a hot day. So as you can see, the Original Cowboy Comb was created out of necessity. When it came time to design the perfect bristle brusher, the boys struck gold with their 27 tooth comb. Functionality was imperative in this process, so naturally they created a slight recess to accommodate the indent in the upper lip. The Cowboy Comb’s wing-like ridges were placed on this handheld slice of paradise for grip. Ergonomic teeth not only add strength to the comb itself, but also gives the appearance of a real life mustache.

As soon as the idea hit their lips, these young men saddled up and hit the streets. No squattin’ with your spurs on around these parts. Lee and Nelson had developed and engineered The Original Cowboy Comb alright, but they needed some funding to get this horse off the ground. With no real idea of how to raise capital, a bright light shone upon them in the form of a website calledkickstarter.com. These young bucks strategized and decided they needed about $4,000 to help jump start, nay, kickstart, this idea. After launching the project, it spread like wildfire across the internet. To entice their customers, the boys filmed entertaining, yet thought provoking videos that could easily bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. Early on in the process, Ryan Scalise of the West Coast Chapter of the American Mustache Institute caught wind of this new and innovative product and knew beyond the shadow of a hail storm’s doubt, the inventors of this new comb were onto something genius. After a sit down at the local watering hole, Shakers Pub, Scalise was smitten and helped spread the word like a mustached angel from the heavens. Together they reached and surpassed the $4000 goal and sold over 530 combs with the help of 396 backers totaling $5358 in merely 30 days.

The immaculate Cowboy Comb is produced in Sacramento, California. The next order of business is to get Cowboy Combs in every barber shop and tattoo parlor across the world, as well as your favorite speakeasy or saloon… where most whiskered people enjoy their free time.

Don’t expect these finely groomed men to ride off into the sunset just yet. This is just the beginning… Yee-haw!

In the meantime, Keep Growing and Showing.