Product Knowledge

Using only the finest and locally sourced ingredients, Cowboy Comb products are made extremely affordable at a superior quality.

Cowboy Comb Mustache Wax

Cowboy Comb Mustache Wax is made in house out of three natural ingredients: micro crystalline wax, bee's wax and shea butter. All ingredients are purchased locally from the Bee Keeping Supply store in downtown Sacramento, CA.

We chose these ingredients because together they condition as well as provide a tacky yet pliable hold. By using refined natural ingredients, Cowboy Comb Wax is far superior to other waxes due to it's higher molecular weight which yields a higher melting point. A higher molecular weight offers higher styling abilities. However, the simplicity behind the three ingredients allows for easy removal with soap and water. Cowboy Comb Wax is scent free and does not use unpleasant perfumes or essential oils.

Conditioning Beard Wash

Making a premium quality soap bar requires the right ingredients, equipment and experience. A 3oz. bar of Conditioning Beard Wash will last much longer than an 8oz poured bar! They are moisturizing, creamy and best of all, reasonably priced.

Conditioning Beard Wash is a Triple-Milled soap bar made from 100% plant oils. Triple-Milling blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created and removes any impurities, leaving just pure soap. The Triple-Milling process also produces a consistent premium quality bar which increases the lathering properties and makes the bar last longer. You don’t have to be concerned about our soap getting wet, mushy or dissolving because it is free of air pockets and excess moisture.

Most soaps on the market use a "melt & pour" process with cheap filler detergents and animal fats which can be very damaging to your skin, hair, and even affect your health. But not us. Triple-Milled Conditioning Beard Wash is made from the highest quality organic shea butter, luscious scents, sustainable palm oils, vegetable glycerin and other all-natural ingredients. Our soap is mild and PH balanced which is ideal for anyone, even if you have sensitive skin. Conditioning Beard Wash lathers into a rich creme for shaving and acts as a moisturizer that reduces razor burn.

Although we formulated Conditioning Beard Wash for facial hair, it is loved by all and great for your entire body. The only thing you really need is a great soap that can take the place of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and shaving cream. Seriously.